Feb 22, 2013

Feb 19, 2013

My first solo painting exhibition, "Rukom", Sarajevo

 Here are some of the photos from my first solo painting and
jewelry exhibition at my favorite shop "Rukom", in
Sarajevo, summer of 2012. 

for their ideas, support, organization and "Pussy Galore"
for their donations! <3

Feb 18, 2013

Pussy Galore, Sarajevo


 Some of my paintings in "Pussy Galore". I'm a little bit sad
that they are not in my possession anymore, but I'm happy that they're 
here in this awesome bar. I believe they're in good hands!

Feb 17, 2013

Exhibition in "Delikatesna radnja", Sarajevo

  Exhibition of my jewelry in "Delikatesnja radnja" coffee bar in Sarajevo
in 2012. Nice place with all in one, good food, coffee
and wine served by the friendly staff.Thanks to my
friends who supported the exhibition, I had to put some
pictures of some of them as well :)