Nov 20, 2011

Lucky Market, Sarajevo, 5.11.2011.

My exhibition on Lucky Market at Dom Armije in Sarajevo.
More pictures on my Facebook group and page. 
Photos by Vedad Cinara


Nov 14, 2011

Jewelry and stuff...01

The materials I use are mainly polymer clay combined with other different materials such as plastic, ribbons, various kinds of pearls, wood...

Crazy dance - short animated movie

This is the trailer for the short animated movie "Crazy dance" that I co-directed with Zdravko Cvjetkovic.
It was realized in Prime Time production in Sarajevo in 2009. 


My graduate works, Academy of Arts in Sarajevo 2011.

These are my graduation works. The topic was facial expressions expressed through various painting techniques and textures. Each painting (facial expression) was treated differently, materials that were used for each one of them represented for me the emotion painted on the canvas. For example, the last picture represents disgust, therefore, I combined some junk with acrylic colors.