Apr 3, 2012


These are some of my paintings I did in my class on the Art academy. 
They were done as an experiment of more techniques and materials 
combined. I mixed acrylic paint with different kinds of paper, glass, 
plastic bags and ropes. I have always liked the idea of mixing different things
 together to create a relief surface. It's a style that Picasso and Braque 
developed when they started to use collage in fine art. I appreciate
 fine art, but I find more attractive the kind of art that is "outside of the box", 
if you know what I mean, and artists who are not afraid to try something 
new and unconventional. I guess that is the reason why I am more 
attracted to the art of 20th century. The artists had the courage to
experiment. But we can't forget one fact, if want to break the rules, 
you have to get to know them first :)


  1. Bravo! Sjećam se kreativnog nereda kojeg si imala prilikom rada na ovim slikama ;)

  2. Hvala draga Sele! Jos uvijek je nered...hahahah